About Us

At MeatMakers.ca we aim to produce and deliver the tastiest, healthiest and freshest biltong possible, its that simple. We have 2 ways to begin with how you can purchase our meat, you can either buy it in bags of 125 or 250 grams each on an ad hoc basis or you can sign up for one of our subscription packages and just sit back and relax while we produce and deliver mouth watering biltong every month.

Whilst the idea for us to start MeatMakers.ca was planted years ago it took the global COVID-19 pandemic to make it a reality. I know that sounds crazy but I work in the travel industry as part owner and director of marketing for Uncover the World Travel Ltd which owns and operates a few different travel and marketing sites, Encounters Travel, Oasis Overland, Egypt Uncovered and Uncover the World digital marketing and I have found myself with some time on my hands and my income cut by more than half for the past year. 

Whilst I have been making biltong for my family and friends for almost 10 years its this pandemic that has given me a time to work on the craft of producing the best biltong possible, or at least in my own head it is, you will just have to buy some and try it for yourself!